Being a long-time arcade game fanatic, when I found MAME years ago, I also found a good excuse to write some software. GoMAME is a personal project to develop a front-end to MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator). If you are not familiar with MAME, you should check the official web site, or the top unofficial web site before downloading GoMAME.

This page has source, executables, and news for GoMAME.

GoMAME Features

GoMAME will focus on finding ways to organize and filter the number of games to make MAME a bit more manageable. Soon up will be the ability to create custom, user-defined filters. The readme has the beginnings of planned future enhancements, and I welcome feedback and/or requests.

You will need the Setup program for the current version (below)

You will also want to make sure you have a copies of the following support files (if the links have changed, check

11 July 2008: See how much faster the updates have gotten?

4 March 2007: I'm not sure what happened to last year's 2.2, but since it never made it up for public consumption, this year's update will also be 2.2. I've got to stop waiting so long between releases - MAME changes too fast.

17 Jan 2005: Well, that took a little longer than anticipated, but 2.1 is up.

13 Jan 2005: Look for a new release later this week. I noticed that .89 changed the output of the -help option, so my routine to grab the version doesn't. WIth all the new games, the built-in XML parser provided by Borland, which runs completely in memory, is too slow on some systems, so I'm writing my own parser. Coding's done, just need to test.

1 Oct 2004: This didn't take as long as I expected. Two new features, both of which drove database changes.

28 Sept 2004: Brought the Global MAME Options up-to-date with the latest Input settings for dual lightgun support, default input types, and digital joystick support. Also found out about a new game info file called nplayers.ini that expands the data on the number of players, whether play is alternating or simultaneous, and (soon) competitive or cooperative. Coming soon (weeks), we'll add support for nplayers.ini

20 July 2004: They finally removed -listinfo from MAME 084, requiring me to use the XML version to get the list of games to build to build the database (-listxml).

17 February 2004: I need to improve my "new MAME version" routine - if you change directories (as I do) I'm not always changing the catver directory, so the database build is missing some info. Go to Global Settings and change that, then rebuild the database to fix that.

Donations: If you quite like GoMAME, please feel free to make a $5 Paypal donation. Donations will be used toward the next better version of Borland C++Builder and to cover the cost of the add-in components such as the EasyTable database engine. Note that if you use a credit card for the contribution, you do not need to have a Paypal account.

Current version
GoMAME v2.3
Released 11 July 2008

Minor changes in MAME's ini files to bring this up to 117. Current MAME is 125, but most settings were moved into the core with 117u2, so Iíve split the update. Added a splitter bar to control the width or height of the screenshot/history section and made the screenshots fit the space rather than the other way around.
Installable image (Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP): Setup.exe

v2.3 Source Code:
v2.2 Source Code:
v2.1 Source Code:
v2.0 Source Code:
v1.4 Source Code:
v1.3 Source Code:
v1.2 Source Code:
v1.1 Source Code:
v1.0 Source Code:

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